Pick And Place

Schubert showcases new Flowmodul system

The new development was unveiled at FachPack and is the eighth system component in the packaging machinery company’s portfolio. The system has been developed to perform without an electrical cabinet, while image recognition, pick and place robots and the Flowmodul all merge into a single system. The scanner detects position, rotational position, shape, colour and the volume of each product. It then transfers the data for products that have passed the quality control to the F4...packagingnews.co.uk - 30th Sep

New vertical cartoner from AFA Systems

The VL-ILC – Intermittent Motion Inline Vertical Cartoner provides case/carton erecting and bottom sealing, top loading, and top sealing all on one compact frame. It is suitable for top load applications such as bottles (both glass and plastic), bags, pouches, and wrapped product. Numerous infeed systems can be designed such as pick and place robots (Delta 3 or Gantry), loading funnels, or manual loading. The VL-ILC has the flexibility to run auto-bottom cartons, corrugated cases,...packagingnews.co.uk - 5th Sep

Vision-guided Robotics: Robot uses color and 3D data to pick and...

While robots are good at performing repetitive tasks within controlled environment, working within a changing environment - or performing tasks that may vary from time to time - has traditionally been very challenging.Factory Automation - 14th Jan

ABB demonstrates the IRB 360 FlexPicker

The delta robot is a high speed pick and place system for the food industry. It can handle raw food as well as hot items right out of the oven. It comes with the company's PickMaster software for configuring applications and guiding processes.packworld.com - 6th Nov