Scorpion Vision to distribute Hikvision cameras in UK

Scorpion Vision has become the UK and Ireland distributor for Hikvision machine vision camerasImaging and Machine Vision Europe - 22nd Aug

North American half-year robot sales top $1bn for the first time

The first half of 2017 was the best-ever for the North American robotics market, with new records set for orders, revenues and units shipped, according to Association for Advancing Automation (A3). It also reports a 14% rise in orders for motion control and motor products, and the best-ever first-half performance by the machine vision - 18th Aug

Kuri Robot Brings Autonomous Video to a Home Near You

Mayfield Robotics improves its home robot, Kuri, adding track wheels, structural updates, and “Kuri Vision,” an autonomous home video programIEEE Spectrum - 9th Aug


BMVA Distinguished Fellowship The BMVA Distinguished Fellowship is awarded to one person each year in recognition of his or her services to the British machine vision community. The awardees are distinguished researchers, based in the UK, who have contributed significantly to the field of research and the reputation of the British machine vision community, both nationally and - 9th Aug

2016_hancock - created

Edwin Hancock Every year, the BMVA awards a single Fellowship of the Association. The single criterion for the award of a Fellowship is that the recipient has made an outstanding contribution to computer vision. It is fitting that, in a year when the British Machine Vision Conference is at York, the BMVA Distinguished Fellow should be Edwin Hancock. That is because Edwin is a Professor in the Computer Science department at York, where he has pursued a long and - 9th Aug

Dragonfly inspires predictive vision for driverless cars

Scientists from the University of Adelaide in Australia and Lund University in Sweden have developed a machine vision system based on how dragonflies track their prey. (Credit: Don Debold) The system, designed with autonomous vehicles in mind, takes inspiration from a neuron in dragonfly brains that anticipates movement. Known as CSTMD1, the neuron increases the insect’s response in a small ‘focus area’ just ahead of the object being tracked. If a target disappears, the - 9th Aug

Aussie team wins Amazon Robotics Challenge

The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision (ACRV) Team has taken top spot at the Amazon Robotics Challenge, part of the 2017 RoboCup taking place in Japan. Made up of researchers from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), the University of Adelaide and the Australian National University, the ACRV team will receive a prize of $80,000. Its ‘Cartman’ robot came out ahead of 15 other teams from around the world, in a competition that tested a range of warehouse picking - 9th Aug

Software allows any camera to collect 3D data

Computer Scientists at UCL have developed software that enables cameras to capture the 3D shape of objects through a single lens. The method, unveiled at the 2017 Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition in Hawaii, allows any camera to map the depth for every pixel it captures and opens up a wide range of applications, from augmented reality in computer games and apps, to robot interaction, and self-driving cars. The software can even convert historical images - 9th Aug

Autonomous system earns wings on multiple aircraft

A new autonomous system backed by DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) has demonstrated its flight capabilities on a number of aircraft, including a Cessna Caravan and a Diamond DA-42. The Aircrew Labour In-Cockpit Automation System (ALIAS) uses a combination of machine vision, robotic controls, a tablet-based user interface, and speech recognition to assist in the cockpit. It also includes a “knowledge acquisition” process that allows the system to be adapted - 19th Oct

Vision-enabled underwater Arctic robot selected as finalist for...

An underwater vision-equipped robot designed for Arctic research has been selected as a finalist for the Northern European Student Design ContestImaging and Machine Vision Europe - 28th Sep