Developing a Mobile Assembly Robot for Hazardous Environments With...

We needed to identify a way to conduct assembly and repair operations in hazardous and dangerous environments where humans cannot - 9th Aug

Meet The Giant Robot That Builds Boeings Airplane Wings

VideosBoeing’s Panel Assembly Line (PAL) is the 60 ton, 20 feet tall, friendly robot that always lends a rather large hand.Contributed Author: WIREDTopics: - 20th Oct

Collaborative robots join humans on a Ford line in Germany

Ford has become one of the first car-makers to start using collaborative robots (cobots) alongside human workers on an assembly line. It is using cobots supplied by Kuka to help fit shock absorbers to Fiesta cars at its plant in Cologne, Germany, thus ensuring a perfect fit and avoiding the need for workers to access hard-to-reach places. The task requires pinpoint accuracy, strength and - 13th Sep

Video of the week: Co-bots lend a hand on Fords production line

This week’s video comes from Ford’s assembly plant in Cologne, Germany where workers are being assisted by collaborative robots – aka co-bots – to fit shock absorbers onto Ford Fiestas. Ford Motor Company said the introduction of co-bots is part of its research into Industry 4.0 and that over 1,000 production line workers have helped to identify tasks for which the new robots would best be suited. The 1m tall robots work alongside their human counterparts at two - 14th Jul

Toyota Researcher: Cheap Robots Possible by Mass Production

Robot manufacturers are struggling with the same challenges of scale that the auto industry overcame with the assembly line. Can a similar line be applied to robots? read - 20th Jun

Designing linear motion tracks for robotic positioning

by Lisa Eitel, Senior Editor Robot-positioning tracks can add flexibility to manufacturing spaces, but must be fast, accurate, and safe to be truly useful. Here we take a look at drives that deliver. Robot positioning systems are long tracks in warehouse, aerospace, and automotive facilities to let one robot perform multiple tasks. Also called robot-transfer units or RTUs, these motion designs are increasingly common for assembly, large-scale welding, and warehousing. In contrast...Linear Motion - 2nd May

Research aims for autonomous robots that disassemble and...

Research into disassembly processes could lead to autonomous robots being used in the UK remanufacturing industry. The EPSRC is providing £1.94m for the five-year project led by mechanical engineers at Birmingham University. They aim to gain a fundamental understanding of disassembly processes before developing systems that can autonomously handle variabilities in a product. Principal investigator Prof Duc Pham told The Engineer: “In remanufacturing you need to take things - 8th Apr

Vision-guided robotics: sophisticated software speeds automotive...

In the automotive industry, hemming presses have been replaced by roller technology where a flexible hemming head with two rollers is mounted to the end of a robot arm to join independently stamped inner panels such as hoods, decks, and fender reinforcements to the outer panels that make up a car's - 5th Apr

ABB demonstrates inspection, welding and assembly robots at MACH...

Demonstrations will also include ABB’s laser welding technology combined with ABB’s innovative FlexInspect, the ultimate solution for automated in-line inspection and YuMi, the new dual-armed robot, will make its - 5th Apr

Recap of top linear-motion technologies at MD&M West

Last week, a large contingent of the Design World staff got to go to MD&M West 2016 colocated with ATX in Anaheim, California. Hot topics at the show included the Internet of Things (IoT), smart components, plummeting robot prices, and increased automation even down to assembly tasks — not to mention changes in the medical industry itself. My esteemed colleague Danielle Collins took the lead on covering an array of linear-motion technologies on display at the show — incLinear Motion - 18th Feb